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Hi! My name is Laura. Pictured with me are my three dogs, Zoey, Chip and Rocky and my wonderful husband, Travis. For three years, I've been an internet marketing consultant for small businesses. I love what I do!

If you can't tell yet, I also love dogs. In April 2011, I figured out how to combine my two passions into a successful business known as Austin Dog Zone. In our second year, we have tripled our revenue. Over 90% of our leads come from my online marketing efforts. 

At Ezra Technologies, I believe that the internet is a powerful tool that cannot be overlooked for your business. I have worked with professionals in the medical industry, the financial industry and everything in between (including a margarita machine rental business)!  It is not enough to have a website alone. Content must be fresh and provide value. Social media platforms must be kept current and engaging. Optimization must occur in order to draw in the best prospects.

The internet marketing world is a vast and dynamic one, but one of my jobs is to break down which channels are appropriate for your business and implement those accordingly. 

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